Rowing is an excellent exercise for someone that wants to build endurance. Rowing not only allows the person to develop the cardiovascular system but it also works on some major muscle groups thus exercises every part of the body while using only one machine. In the initial moments, it can be hard working out on a rower but even during these early stages the user still burns calories. The number or calories burnt depend on the resistance that is rowed, type of workout and speed of rowing. The beauty with rowers is that they can be used even at home, but the challenge comes in choosing a quality machine.

The price range of the rower is a key consideration when purchasing one. If the user intends to use the machine often, then it is best to buy a more expensive quality SarcFitness machine. Type of rowing machine also affects which machine someone picks. There are two types of rowing machines for home use, that is, the folding type and the fixed type. The folding rower occupies less space as opposed to the fixed rowers and is thus suitable for home use. Regarding usage, most clients report that the fixed machine offers a longer service time as opposed to foldable machines.

The other issue to look into is the type of rowing machine. Three major types of rowing machines can be used indoors or outdoors, and they include the following: water rowing machines, air machines, hydraulic machines and magnetic rowing machines. In water rowing machines, water pressure is what provides resistance. These machines are smooth in action and offer high resistance, but the only downside is that they bulkier unlike other machines and they need regular maintenance because of changing the water in the cylinders. Air rowing machine for home use flywheels to provide resistance. They have an efficient resistance system, but they make a lot of noise when operated.

Hydraulic rowing machines have cylinders filled with oil that produce resistance. These machines are light and easy to store thus a good choice for home use. In magnetic rowing machines just like the name states they use magnets to offer adjustable resistance. The fact that they offer adjustable resistance makes them an excellent choice for both beginners in rowing and expert. They also do not make noise and are light thus are an excellent choice for indoor usage.